How Does Living Clay® Detox Through the Skin?

Oftentimes when people experience rashes or skin breakouts, it's their body trying to detoxify. One way the body detoxes is through the skin. One way to aid this process is to use Living Clay® Calcium Bentonite Clay.

Living Clay® has a uniquely strong negative ion charge. Because of this, it can attract positively charged ions. So, while your body is trying to detoxify through your skin, Living Clay® is pulling at the same time, potentially speeding the process.

But why Living Clay®, and not some other clay?

Living Clay® is a 325 Screen Mesh. Most clays are a 50 or 200 screen mesh making them coarser and grittier. You will love our clay for its thick, creamy smooth richness.

It is odorless and tasteless. A superior clay should not smell or taste salty or muddy.

Living Clay® has a 9.7 pH, which may help neutralize.

Living Clay gives superior customer service. Want to chat about clay? Give us a call. We are here to serve you with a smile. (800) 915-CLAY or 1-512-804-5909.

Use Living Clay® Calcium Bentonite Clay for facials, full body wraps, and clay baths. Your skin will be fresh and rejuvenated. Living Clay® –