What is Living Clay?

Living Clay® has been carefully evaluated and selected as our primary ingredient for its superior qualities.

Bentonite Hills

An Introduction to Living Clay®

Welcome to a brief introduction of our prize ingredient, Living Clay®, a Calcium Bentonite Clay.

The Smectite family of clays, which include Bentonites, are called ‘living clays’ because of their ability to make chemical changes. Smectites are capable of both adsorption and absorption demonstrating an unusually high Cation Exchange Capacity. This Cation Exchange takes place in the adsorpotion layer of the clay molecule.

Living Clay® is a weathered volcanic ash made up of numerous trace minerals in their natural oxide form.

Living Clay® is tasteless, odorless, non-gritty, and comes from a subsurface mine protected from the elements. It is milled to a 325 screen mesh for a creamy smooth texture when hydrated. Living Clay is produced with unparalleled Quality Control, and caring people to answer your questions.

Simply put, Living Clay® is a catalyst. It is used by naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, massage therapists, holistic healers, and medical doctors for its amazing abilities.*

History of Clay Use

Clays have been used by indigenous tribes since before recorded history.Their medicine men used it as an aid in numerous recipes. The Christian Bible also makes reference to clay’s healthful properties.

 Bentonite Dwelling Entrance

Primary Uses of Living Clay®

  • Detoxify
  • Cleanse
  • Balance
  • Alkalize
  • Stimulate
  • Energize