How to Give Yourself the Ultimate Facial

Want to have a love affair with your skin??? LET THE LOVE BEGIN!

Going to a spa for a facial is a wonderful thing to do, and we recommend that you treat yourself to "spa days" whenever you can! But you can also DIY (do it yourself) if you wish! It's fun, it's easy and it's economical. Here's how...

First, wash your face with a gentle, high quality soap. We highly recommend our own Living Clay® Handmade Bar Soap. These cold processed soaps are super gentle, super luxurious, and come in an amazing variety of fragrances. Each bar is a work of art. Once you've tried our fabulous handmade soap, you will NEVER let 'store-bought' soap touch your skin again!

Once you've rinsed and patted your skin dry, it's time to apply the facial clay. Our Cleansing Clay Mask is used in several of the most exclusive spas in the world. You simply cannot find a better facial clay. This is the best of the best. Apply a thin coat of Cleansing Clay Mask to your face and neck. Now lay back and relax and let the clay do its work. Let it dry for about 15-20 minutes, then wash it off and pat your skin dry.

Now feel your skin - it's incredibly smooth! To keep that smooth, velvety feeling all day, apply a light moisturizer. You can use either Living Clay’s Body Lotion, or Body Cream. Both contain Living Clay® which holds the softness to your skin all day long.

For your face, we recommend using our Rejuvenation Face Cream. It contains more Living Clay®, and will continue to detox your skin throughout the day. And if you need a little help with wrinkle lines, apply a tiny amount of Wrinkle Release. Just dab it on lightly - a little is all it takes!

There you have it! A Do-It-Yourself world-class spa quality facial! And you thought all that DIY stuff required power tools.